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While AP Solutions is a new Charlottesville SEO business, as individuals we have been designing and marketing websites for local businesses since 1996. Our business philosophy revolves around overdelivering to our clients. If we don't think a service we offer will benefit our clients, we tell them. Our #1 goal is to improve our client's bottom line.

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    Our lead Search Engine Optimization and Web Designer, Rich is also the primary owner of the company. He has performed web design and marketing tasks for local businesses since 1996, and recently owned and sold a brick and mortar retail store in Charlottesville preferring to go back to his online roots. If you hire AP Solutions to work for your business, you will likely meet Rich at some point in the process.

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    Search Engine Optimization and Web Design are the primary services our company is built on, and we offer varying levels of each depending on the needs of your business. We will never charge you more than we believe our services will earn back.

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