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A backlink is a link back to your website from somewhere else on the internet.  When Google or another search engine sees that your site has been linked to from somewhere else on the internet, your page suddenly seems a bit more relevant in the eyes of that search engine.  Backlinks are an incredibly important part of Search Engine Optimization for your website, and while you could simply create the content and hope other people find and link to the great information you are putting out there to be found, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to give your website SEO efforts a little push.

The best way to organically promote your website, and build up your backlinks, is to register on forums that are related to your website and highly trafficked.  You can then become a part of those communities, leaving a link to your website in your signature or on your profile page.  Those signature and profile links not only let the members of the forums you participate in check out your website, but they also help to improve your search engine rankings!

In addition to participating on forums, you may want to hunt down bloggers that are relevant to your business and send them information about your products for them to review.  If you read their work and make comments on their posts, sometimes there will be a section there to leave a link to your website.  If you enjoy writing, you could even offer the blogger in question a “guest blog post” written by you, and that would surely contain a direct link to your website as you would put it in the post somewhere!

These are just a few methods we use at SEO Charlottesville to build awareness, recognition, and the search engine relevance of this very website!  If building backlinks seems like a lot of work to you, that’s because it can be.  Sometimes it’s easier to just have another company entirely (such as ours) do all your link building for you.

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