Content is still King, SEO can be the Queen

When we’re talking about Search Engine Optimization, what we are really talking about is increasing the search visibility of a website.  We want our information, whatever it is, to be viewed by as many interested consumers as possible.  Keyword research and relevance are the beginning of this process, but what good does it do us to have a million viewers to our content if all of them immediately leave and go somewhere else?

Sure, if we have Google Adsense attached to the webpage we may make a small amount of money on the exit clicks of visitors looking to get somewhere else as soon as possible, but isn’t it more worthwhile to build the extra content that will actually make your viewers think about clicking on those links rather than the back button?  Or better yet provide a product or service directly and generate customers rather than visitors?

Search engine optimization and content development go hand in hand with one another.  Driving traffic without content for consumption is rather counterproductive, and generating loads of unique content without having anyone to appreciate it is completely pointless.  So even if we completely ignore the fact that search engines give higher rankings to websites that are regularly updated, or that have avast array of content, that same content is the whole reason a real person wants to come to your website!

Real people generate your income.  If your website has any traffic at all, but doesn’t generate any sales, don’t let an “SEO Professional” promise you any miracles just from ranking higher.  You need a true marketer who can help convert the traffic they send to you.

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