Do It Yourself Internet Marketing

Not every small business or individual has the money for, or requires hiring another company to handle their Charlottesville SEO and Website Design needs. Here at AP Solutions we are striving to put together the best toolkit we can for those businesses. Below you will find links to our favorite tools for keyword research, hosting, website maintenance, backlinking and more. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on current SEO practices and get helpful tips that will increase your business' bottom line!

Do It Yourself Marketing
NEW! Google Places Optimization - If you own a local business, having a well optimized Google Places profile is an essential part of having your business noticed above your competition.
  • Keyword Research

    Keyword Research is a form of market research. You have to figure out what people are interested in, and more importantly what they THINK when they are interested in a product or service that you provide.
    Traffic Travis has both a free and paid application to help with your keyword research.

  • Hosting

    If you are going to build your website yourself, one of the most important choices you're going to have to make is where to host your website. HostGator provides cPanel, site builders, and has the best pricing in the industry, with plans at less than $5/month!

  • Website Layout

    If you don't have any experience with setting up and maintaining web coding yourself, you may want to opt to use a Content Management System instead. Wordpress is one of the easiest systems to learn and set up. (HostGator offers an easy pushbutton install) In addition to being easy to set up, with the right plugins it is very search engine friendly!

  • E-Mail List and Marketing

    If you sell or promote a product or service, you should have an email list. When customers are interested in your product or service, they sign up to your list so you can provide them additional information, industry news, and of course upsells to increase your own bottom line! AWeber is one of the best list management companies available, and their pricing is extremely reasonable.

  • Backlinks

    If you aren't familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at all, then you may not know what backlinking is, but I can assure you it is one of the most important elements to becoming highly ranked in Google searches. A backlink is a link to your website from another website, and essentially counts as a type of vote to how important your page is. LinxBoss provides a service that will get you hundreds of relevant backlinks, however is most useful if you have multiple websites to promote.

  • More!

    This page will constantly have more information and links added to it as the internet is constantly changing and growing. Sign up for our list and we will let you know when updates happen as well as send you information on building your online presence and revenue streams!